Mujahid 212 - In Christianity or so-called Paulinism, the religion founded by Paul, it is believed by them that Jesus is the Lord who came to save sinners through his unique way.

This became one of their mainstay in promoting their religion, especially to people who are trapped in the world of sinners, perpetrators of immoral or ever doing immoral. When they realize that his actions are so despicable and a great sin, then fear is haunting, stressful. Such people can no longer use their common sense to easily accept unreasonable dogmas.

According to Paul, sinners are not saved through good acts or repentance to God, but it is the blood of Jesus who cleanses all of their sins in their mysterious phenomena.

This is what appeals to Christianity or Paulinism to people who do not think. While in Islam, every action must be accounted for itself.

Still according to Paul, this created God, Jesus Christ, became a man with flesh and blood. The main purpose of his coming to earth is to die on the cross, as a form of human sacrifice whose blood will be shed for the removal of the sins of the world in a unique and unique way. This dead Jesus, according to Paul, is God himself and the Son of God at the same time.

Yet Jesus as the Biblical text, does not care about the dogma and doctrine of penance and salvation through his blood. Because Jesus never taught this kind of dogma to anyone.

Jesus did not come in the purpose of saving sinners in a mysterious way, and not a mysterious Savior, but Jesus came to be an example for his people. And salvation can only be obtained by following and obeying the Word of God. As stated in his statement,

"Therefore, I say unto you, If your religious life is no more than the religious life of the scribes and Pharisees, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven." (Matthew 5:20)

Earlier Jesus warned, "Therefore whoever dismisses one of the smallest commandments of the law, and teaches it thus to others, he will occupy the lowest place in the Kingdom of Heaven .... (Matthew 5:19)

All this proves that Jesus is not the Savior of human sins.

If we think christically, it is very surprising, that past people are saved without the role of 'Mysterious Savior' or 'Redeemer' from blood and sheep, as Christians assume. Let's just call him Aaron (in the English Bible), whether his sins are redeemed by Jesus? How is Noah As or Noah (in the English Bible), is Jesus also saved? What about the humans who lived before Jesus? Is there no rescue? Here, then, is the confusion of Christian dogma that is answered apologically by the Church. Answers that have no argument at all.

It is precisely when we refer to the statement of Jesus in the Bible that there is affirmation and recognition of the Islamic concept of "salvation through works of charity, keeping the commandments of God and the truth." That is why Jesus said, "There will be wailing and gnashing of teeth, when ye shall see Abraham and Isaac and Jacob and all the prophets in the kingdom of God, but ye are cast outside" (Luke 13:28)

Here Jesus trusts salvation to Abraham (Abraham), Isaac and Jacob and all truths and obeys the words and rituals of their religion and belief in their Lord, the Creator of all beings, Allah SWT.

Unfortunately most Christians today believe that people can not be properly guided by God, except with the blood of Christ. That is why a person who will become a follower of Christ must follow the sacrament of eucharist that uses wine as a symbol of the blood of Jesus and the bread as a symbol of the flesh of Jesus.

Such types of Christians are reminded by Jesus that they will be like those who shed and clench their teeth in the hereafter when they see Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and all the prophets, who are fully convinced of the doctrine of "Salvation through righteousness and righteousness" . Not through the blood of Jesus as Paul's doctrine creates. Christ will not atone for anyone's sins.

By: Hj. Irena Handono