By: Abu Deedat Syihab, MH

Mujahid 212 - The evangelists and pastors in his mission to use the Qur'an in the evangelization for Muslims. In Indonesia, There are established foundations and institutions that use the names of Islam; such as the Arohmah Street Foundation in the Mampang area, Nurullah Foundation in Cinere, Aulia Foundation in Sunter, Al Hanif Islamic Foundation in Tanjung Priok, R Muhamad Nurdin Foundation in Slipi, ITK High School (Institut Theologi Kalimatullah), and much more.

These institution are published under the guise of Islam. Why did they do that? They argue in the apostle Paul in 1 Corinthians 9:20 "If you want to win the Jews, I must be like a Muslim. This is the strategy of ferret civet or wolf in sheep's clothing.

In Spiritual Bread of Life Bread, DH wrote as follows:

"Why we use the Qur'an 1) We will not be accused of rebuking them, because that is used is their scriptures 3) By using the Qur'an will help a believer from a Muslim background to interacting with family and friends and reducing the practice of torture 4) Remember, because only as a 'bridge', we do not use all verses - in the Qur'an 6) For us the Bible is the only word of God Remember, bridges are no longer used after the turn of the truths of the Bible. "

There are six reasons, can be withdrawn with the method of Christianization. Camels are movements that are full of deceit, cunning, deceit, stupidity, and religious defamation. Therefore, the method of naming the camel is very inconsistent with practice. A more appropriate name is the Wolf (wolf) method, because the deceptive mission is the same as a wolf in sheep's clothing. They pretend Islam by using the Holy Qur'an to cover and cover the identity of the missionary. After the Muslims were deceived, they maliciously prey on the creed of Muslims. But only a very ignorant person is easily deceived by this "wolf-fleece" Christian mission.

There are six ambiguities and contradictions of missionaries' thinking.

First, they state the need for a speech from the Muslim worldview. Indeed, the best communication is the language that corresponds to the condition of the talking object. But unfortunately, this is taken by missionaries to fool the creed of Muslims to be Christianized.

Secondly, those who, if Christianization is done by using Qur'anic verses, then they will not be accused of converting Muslims, because that is used is their holy book. Regardless, what they do automatically is the apostasy or Christianization movement under the guise of Islam.

Third, they think the use of the Qur'an in Christian missions will help people of Muslim background believe. This paradigm is totally wrong because of the opposite of the substance of the Qur'an. They are equally absent, hard to harm the Muslims.

Fourthly, they use the Qur'an to show Jesus much higher than the other prophets. (Surah Ali Imran 49 and Az-Zukhruf 59; cf. Matthew 10: 5 -6 and Matthew 15: 24). And prove the coming of the Prophet Muhammad (QS Ash-Shaff 6). Muslims do not discriminate against the apostles of Allah (QS Al-Baqarah 285), because all the apostles endured the same mission, that is to invite his people to bertauhid to Allah SWT (Qs An-Nahl 36, Al-Anbiya 25).

Fifth, because using the Qur'an as a 'bridge', missionaries do not use all the verses in the Qur'an. This attitude proved the decay of their motivation in reading the Qur'an.

Sixthly, my only missionaries believe the Bible (Biblical) as the sole and absolute word of God and the Qur'an is used only as a bridge of evangelism to Muslims. They plan the plin. []